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Neuraura’s technology represents the culmination of decades of fundamental research in neuroscience combined with leading manufacturing practices from the silicon chip industry. Our novel microsensors are designed based on world-leading expertise in neuro-engineering and microfabrication. From micro-sensors to cortical electrodes and insertion tools, Neuraura is developing an array of patented technologies based on cutting-edge brain medical device innovation.

Proprietary Brain Sensors

Neuraura has developed novel 3-dimensional microsensors that eclipse the performance of legacy sensor technology. These sensors offer very low noise with 100% detection of seizures and high frequency oscillations in pre-clinical studies.  At 1/5 of the diameter of a human hair,  Neuraura’s fabrication method opens up a broad range of possible applications as the sensors can be added to a variety of substrates as well as be positioned to provide high density array while permitting minimally invasive surgeries.


Neuraura is targeting a range of neuromodulation applications by partnering with clinician-researchers, medical device manufacturers and data analytics companies.  These include enhanced insights in clinical trials, more accurate device placement through pre-assessment and improved device performance integrating personalized feedback.


Our initial clinical application is a brain monitoring platform for intra-cranial monitoring prior to epilepsy surgery.  The platform is comprised of cortical (grid/strip), subdural (depth with anchor bolt) and hybrid electrodes, wireless EEG hardware and visualization software.

We will contribute to the field of neuroscience research by commercializing our sensor technology for research applications.  Our product range will include multi-electrode arrays for tissue analysis, neural implants for small/large animal studies and neural implants for human research (pending FDA clearance for clinical applications).

Brain sensors

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