The social and economic burden of brain-related disorders is larger than that of cancer and cardiac disease combined. While neuromodulation has been proven to be effective at the research level to treat many neurological, psychiatric and sensory conditions,  commercial neuromodulation devices offer relatively poor longevity and limited rates of efficacy.

In particular, Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions, affecting approximately 1% of the world population.  For 1/3 of patients, the drugs are not effective. It has been medically proven that surgery is the best option for most of these patients.  Only 3,000 epilepsy surgeries are conducted each year in the US, representing 0.1% of epilepsy sufferers.  One of the reasons for the low surgical uptake is the lack of high quality date available from the legacy sensor technology.  In addition, 25% of patients who start the diagnostic process do not proceed to surgery, partly due to risky surgeries or patients declining.

Epilepsy patients undergo intra-cranial monitoring as part of the protocol for surgical resection of brain tissue to treat seizures.  These patients are often therefore the subjects of research into the electrical workings of the brain.

Intra-Cortical Electrodes

Neuraura’s intra-cranial electrodes include:

  • Cortical electrodes: grid and strip electrodes

  • Subdural electrodes: depth electrodes for use with anchor bolts for stereo-EEG

  • Hybrid electrodes: novel proprietary design combining cortical micro-strips with depth electrode


Neuraura’s electrodes will improve patient outcomes, reduce clinician burden and reduce healthcare system costs:

  • Lower re-occurrence of seizures due to more accurate pin-pointing of seizure foci, including more “natural” seizure data from less stressed patients

  • Less brain tissue removed due to improved clinician confidence with better quality data

  • Lower risk of bleeding / infection due to minimized invasiveness with equivalent brain coverage with 5-8 burr holes versus 15-18 (hybrid electrodes)

  • Shortened surgery times with 5-8 burr replacing invasive craniotomy (hybrid electrodes)


Wireless EEG Monitoring

Neuraura’s wireless EEG will improve patient experience and outcomes, enable ambulatory care either within a hospital or potentially at home, reduce clinician burden and reduce healthcare system costs:

  • Less tortuous experience through ambulatory care in-hospital enabled by wireless EEG system

  • Improved patient compliance to diagnostic monitoring due to improved experience

  • Shorter recovery in hospital and at home as a result of ambulatory care enabled by wireless EEG system

  • Reduced costs due to reduced length of hospital stay for recovery

  • Reduced costs with potential to send some patients home for monitoring process in future

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Data Visualization

Neuraura’s visualization software will encompass both traditional EEG trace visualization and a 3D map of the patient’s brain which combines the EEG and MRI data sets.

Neuraura’s data visualization will reduce clinician burden as a results of fewer clinician hours to review data due to improved fidelity and 3D visualization of patient's brain .The unique electrophysiological data set captured from epilepsy patients will help inform future improvements in epilepsy diagnosis and treatment and broader neuromodulation applications.

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