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Neuraura is drawing upon a body of foundational research on electrostimulation for PCOS, including high quality peer-reviewed studies by our advisor and Chief Scientific Officer of the AE-PCOS Society, Dr. Elisabet Stener-Victorin. In summary, her work has found that electrostimulation in PCOS individuals: 

  • Is as effective as metformin (the standard of care for pre-diabetes) in modulating the metabolism but without any known side-effects;

  • Improves menstrual regularity; and

  • Increases ovarian blood flow.

We recently completed preliminary beta testing in our first human subjects, effectively demonstrating that the results from electrostimulation through acupuncture needles can be translated to our micro-needle.

Neuraura’s unfair technical advantage stems from its unique, proprietary micro-electrodes. For stimulation, they will offer greater therapeutic affect than flat electrodes as they slightly penetrate the dermis overcoming the natural barrier the skin provides; their rigidity also can be adapted so, for example, they do not cause damage to the skin as repeated use of stainless-steel micro-electrodes can do. This has been demonstrated in a few studies focusing on short- and long-term micro-needle exposure. For recording (in applications other than LoOoP) they offer extremely high-fidelity data (low noise, high granularity) which enables visibility of signals which are otherwise impossible to make out amongst the noise.





There are significant structural barriers to closing the health equity gap – lack of research funding, limited access to capital, inertia in the clinical system – to name just a few. Neuraura's founders manifesto is to harness the immense power of founders working together to crush these barriers. In the short- term this means maximizing our voice and reach by promoting and supporting each other. In the longer-term this is a catalyst for holistic solutions that offer effective and accessible solutions for over-looked and under-served health conditions.

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