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Collaboration with Nirvesh Enterprises

Neuraura is collaborating with Nirvesh Enterprises, who develop brain-health monitoring technology.

Q2 2022

Preliminary Large Animal Studies

Completed acute large animal studies with Bionics Institute and The Florey (Alberta Innovates AiCE funded). Check out the White Paper!

Q3 2021

Depth Electrodes

Neuraura successfully tested depth electrodes and showed superiority over the clinical gold standard.

Q1 2022

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Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

Neuraura was accepted into the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange.

Q3 2021

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Peer-Reviewed Publication

We are proud of our team and their successful publication of some of our technological capabilities in this prestigious Nature Publishing Group journal!

Q4 2021


Neuraura was accepted into the MEDTEQ Acceleration Innovation (AIM) program.

Q2 2021

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