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Empowering Women's Health by Restoring the Body's Natural Cycle

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The Problem

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a metabolic disorder which disrupts the female menstrual cycle, causing patients to suffer irregular or inexistent periods, pelvic pain, hirsutism, and in most severe cases infertility.


Of Women


Cause Of
Female Infertility



Our Solution

Looop leverages Neuraura's patented micro electrodes combined with a wearable TENS device to provide localized stimulation on demand. Such stimulation has been proven to modulate insulin uptake which in turn affects metabolic functions including androgen levels. Looop focuses on re-balancing these functions to ultimately treat PCOS symptoms.

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Single-Use Patch

Rechargeable Stimulation Device

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Easy to use, from the tip of your fingers. Use the companion mobile app to control Looop and monitor how your body evolves.

Unique Electrodes for the Best Results

  • Proprietary flexible micro-needle electrodes

  • Demonstrated for improved recording and stimulation

  • Easy to apply

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