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Our mission :

Neuraura was founded to improve the lives of billions of people suffering from neurological, psychiatric and sensory conditions through the development of fully implantable medical devices with closed-loop recording and stimulation, also known as neuromodulation.

Neuromodulation and brain machine interfaces (“BMI”) are two of the fastest growing fields in Medical Technology. Applications for neuromodulation include neurological, psychiatric and sensory conditions, including “below the neck” applications. Applications for BMI span communications, prosthetic control and cognitive enhancement.
Neuraura’s initial clinical application is for the epilepsy surgery and monitoring market, which represents an under-served market opportunity, has an accelerated regulatory pathway and provides access to electrophysiological patient data. The components of Neuraura’s solution include proprietary microsensors, hardware to wirelessly transmit data and software to visualize the data. The company will also commercialize its technology for non-clinical (research and drug-screening) applications.

Neuraura's brain platform improve access to brain data. This in turn will offer opportunities to develop intelligent neuromodulation devices that can communicate with the brain.


Patients unresponsive to epileptic drugs undergo brain monitoring as part of the protocol to treat seizures. These individuals provide valuable insight into the workings of the brain.


From conferences to pitches or visiting our incubators and partners in Boston (US) and Melbourne (Australia), you can follow us on social media (Twitter, Linkedin) and learn about our progress Here

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Calgary, Canada   |   Melbourne, Australia

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