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High precision neural sensing and novel brain monitoring technology

To improve the lives of billions suffering from neurological, psychiatric and sensory conditions

Neuraura's technology will enable us to understand the brain in ways that haven't been possible before

Our Approach

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3D Micro-Electrodes


Our minimally invasive micro-electrodes provide high fidelity EEG data from cortical and deep brain structures.

Neuraura's proprietary electrodes represent a platform technology with broad application in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological, psychiatric and sensory disorders.

We are partnering with leading organizations to leverage our electrodes in preclinical research to advance drug development and the understanding of brain disorders.

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Neuraura's brain monitoring system is comprised of minimally invasive electrode arrays, wireless EEG recording and 3D visualization software.

Our system will empower doctors to make better diagnostic and treatment decisions, improve patients' experience and enhance the clinical workflow.

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Clinical Platform


The Brain as a Service

Neuraura's brain monitoring system will unlock a unique electrophysiological data set.


This data set will be interrogated with deep learning techniques to transform our understanding of the brain across disease states and treatment modalities.

Our Mission

Neuraura’s platform combines proprietary micro-electrodes, data visualization and machine learning to transform the standard of brain care.  We create products that advance drug development, support diagnostics and enable personalized neuromodulation and brain care treatments.

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